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Limited edition of 30


Perfect for a multitude of activities, such as running, exercising, and even swimming. With the mesh pockets, there's always a place for carrying valuables..

  • 91% recycled polyester, 9% spandex 
  • Breathable and fast-drying material
  • Elastic waistband with a flat white drawstring
  • Mesh side pockets


What is recycled polyester?

Recycled polyester a fabric that’s produced from synthetic fibers. Recycled polyester is produced by recycling existing materials (like plastic bottles and packaging) but still has all the characteristics and performance as a regular polyester, making it a more sustainable fabric alternative.


What are the advantages of recycled polyester?

Producing rPet takes 33% to 53% less energy than creating polyester from scratch. Also, rPet produces approximately 54.6% fewer CO2 emissions to the air than virgin polyester. 


Dragonfly Men's Athletic Shorts

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